Drink Your Way to Better Health.
A small one-time investment provides you and your family with years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home.
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Yield & Health benefits for farming.
Lower bactoscan count in milk lines
Higher milk yield with a greater fat content
Lower disease and cross infection
Lower somatic cell count
Lower mastitus by 86%
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A healthy drink for everyone.
Provide the best source of refreshments for all of your household pets. A noticeable difference can be seen within just a few weeks of use.
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Water softening made easier.
The Totum Flow is small, convenient, and simple to install. Requiring no salts or large spaces, the Totum Flow is perfect for all homes and businesses.
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A one-time investment provides fifteen years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home, work, or farm with ZERO maintenance cost.

Health Benefits

Magnetic water can be beneficial in preventing clogging of ateries in our body and is all encompassing in protecting and enriching our wellbeing

Zero Maintenance

The Totum Flow Water System is compact and simple to install. Zero maintenance, zero salt required and zero running costs.  Soft drinkable water “on tap!”. A limescale free home and suitable for all homes and businesses

Reduce Bills

By virtue of the Totum Flow Water System being fitted in your home will enable all your cleaning and heating appliances to run to their maximum potential,which in turn reduces household running costs

Water never tasted so good!

The human body was created to be in balance. We at Totum Flow call this integrity, or oneness, or more commonly, homeostasis. Magnetised water helps achieve this balance on a daily basis meaning you become healthier, more productive, and the water tastes amazingly fresh!

"Since my magnet was fitted to my water mains inlet I have seen a massive reduction in limescale, the limescale is now very soft and powdery and can be wiped away from my granite work tops and taps. The thing I love the most as a bit of a fitness freak is that the water I drink tastes completely pure, it is really noticeable when I visit friends houses and drink their water."
Susan Price
I had the water softener fitted about 5 months ago. I can honestly say that this is the best water softener I have ever used. I can certainly notice a difference in taste. My skin and hair already showing improvements, I am hopeful for further health benefits. I would suggest to anyone who is unsure to give it a go! ​
Janet Longley

Increased Productivity

A recent study by the University of East London and the University of Westminster found that drinking just 300ml of magnetised water can boost attention by up to 25% (feeling good about that glass of water now?)