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What is Good Water?

It’s funny how one word can have so many different meanings. For example, when “good” is used to describe water, what are all the possibilities of that meaning? It could mean sweet tasting. Or it could mean soft. To many of us it could mean bottled. To some, it means you can see through it. […]


Fantastic health benefits all round

Functions of Water in Our Body (and what we are up Against!) The human body was created to be in balance. We at Totum Flow call this integrity, or oneness, or more commonly, homeostasis The body must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. Because 2.5 litres of water are lost each day through […]


Home System

A one-time investment provides fifteen years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home with ZERO maintenance cost No annual maintenance or cleaning is required, for the Totum Flow Water System once it is installed, there are no ongoing costs just simply fit and forget. Our System Is Mobile The Totum Flow Water […]


Agriculture and Horticulture, The Benefits of Totum Flow Water systems

Full hydration in plants creates healthier, more robust plants that produce greater yields and require less water, since every drop of Totum Flow water is magnetised and pure it saturates the plant cells. And that’s why you don’t need as much of it to do a better job. It’s why we can guarantee a minimum […]


Benefits of Totum Flow Water Systems on Dairy Farming

Banish Mastitis! Plus Improve Somatic Cell Count SCC is a somatic cell count, this is the main indicator of milk quality and health of the cow/herd. Somatic cells are from the cow itself, which is known as clinical provenance. Somatic cells are predominantly the white blood cells, which are the animals biological defence mechanism in […]


Totum Flow Water System Benefits to Farming/Livestock

Totum Flow Water Systems deliver valuable benefits in numerous areas of farming and breeding Decreases Disease and Bactoscan Count Using the magnetised water system to clean the sheds/barns/stables/pens etc, there is a decrease in animal disease (known as subclinical diseases). Through the purity of the magnetic water it reduces the germs and bacteria in sheds […]



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