A simple water softener or a lifetime investment?

With the world almost coming to a stop because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many households up and down the country are starting to feel the strain on finances. As a result, some households will also see their mental health struggling. But how do you turn this negative into a positive? 

Lifelong investment.

Our product is world class and for some people, a water softener is a lifelong investment that the whole family, even pets, can enjoy. The government were slow at the beginning of the pandemic and some businesses were threatened by the falling economy. Now that companies can applying for furlough money, the stress has somewhat been lifted. Whilst being at home, it is the perfect time to do odd jobs around the house and begin home improvements. You know the ones. The small jobs that we keep putting off every weekend because we have visitors or because the sun is shining and it would be a shame to waste the time being stuck inside. 

One of the things you may have thought about purchasing is a water softener. Our product though is a step above our competitors. With most water softeners, you have to connect them to electricity and put salt in them, and having the job of maintaining it throughout the year. We are selling a product that will not only mean your utility bills are lower, but it will improve your health. 


Having a water softener will lift your wellbeing and physical appearance. Soft water means that it is kinder on your skin, hair and insides. The water will taste less metallic and your skin will not dry out as much. It may seem like a superficial thing to say but you will need fewer products. Your pipes will not be exposed to things like limescale, blocking them and causing you to use more water. Our system is designed to last for life. It will certainly increase the value of your home and leave you with the satisfaction of not having huge water bills each month! 

If you’re interested in learning more about our product, get in touch today to see how we can help you. 

Totum Flow - water softener

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