Water Softening for wellbeing
Using the Totum Flow Water System to clean sheds/barns/stables/pens etc decreases the incidence of subclinical diseases
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Water Softening for produce yield
Lower bactoscan count in milk lines Higher milk yield with a greater fat content Lower disease and cross infection Lower somatic cell count Lower mastitus by 86%
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Water Softening for quality & taste
Improve soil pH
Cleaner root structure
Enrich soil permiability
Reduce salt absorbtion ratios
Increase yield at lower cost
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Smart & Simple

A one-time investment provides fifteen years of healthy drinking, cleaning, and spreading water and a more productive healthy farm with ZERO maintenance cost.

No annual maintenance or cleaning is required for the Totum Flow Water System once it is installed; there are no ongoing costs just simply fit and forget.

Easy To Install

The Totum Flow Water System connects to any water pipe (plastic or metal). Simply install after the stop cock to your farm’s primary mains water inlet pipe.

What’s more, the softener requires no electricity or power to drive it. Once installed there are no more concerns or worries for the system’s well being.

Decreases Disease

Through the purity of the magnetic water it reduces the germs and bacteria in sheds and animal shelters, thus giving a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for the animals to reside and gives added protection against disease and cross infection.

Improved Stock Hydration

When the animals are hydrated correctly, there are endless improvements to their wellbeing. The magnetised water helps to increase the solubility of glucose and therefore increases growth rate, metabolism, and overall health and energy.

Weight Gain in Animals

When magnetised water is being used on the pastoral side of the farm, the magnetised water improves the quality of the fodder fed to the animals. This means animals are less susceptible to disease and illness, due to reduced fodder contamination.

Increased Milk Yield

For dairy cows, the magentised water induces an elongation of the lactation period which increases the milk production by 10%, the milk also has a higher fat content by .15% above the standard 3.2%

Improved Taste & Quality

Animals will have a better digestion and nitrogen retention, which urges the animal to build its self up in protein accumulation as opposed to fat accumulation creating a better taste and quality of meat.


Magnetised water supports the growth and development of the bone structure in chickens and other poultry. Chicks drinking this water showed an increase in their bone-formation process and an improved blood morphology. In addition, premature death rates among chicks decreased by 2 to 3 times the average rate.


Dairy animals that drink magnetised water show a reduced firmness in the udders and lowers the somatic count by deterring mastitis, which aids in milking. These animals also show an enhanced resistance to disease. Magnetised water also can be used for the hygienic cleaning of storage buildings, and for the main line that carries milk from the milking facilities.


Healthier livestock equals happier animals which can improve the breeding cycles, in turn saving time and enhance the animals wellbeing


Magnetised water is proven to increase yields by 10% – 30% across all types of crops. What’s more, it reduces water use by 30% and improves the quality of the produce grown. That means you are reducing costs, and increasing income, growing your profit margins.

Bee Keeping

Following worsening environments, bee populations have plummeted. Magnetised water however improves the quality of grass, plants, syrups and everything a beehive needs to prosper, multiply, and of course, generate delicious honey!

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