Benefits of Totum Flow Water Systems on Dairy Farming

Banish Mastitis! Plus Improve Somatic Cell Count

SCC is a somatic cell count, this is the main indicator of milk quality and health of the cow/herd. Somatic cells are from the cow itself, which is known as clinical provenance.

Somatic cells are predominantly the white blood cells, which are the animals biological defence mechanism in fighting infections

If the cow suffers with a mastitis infection, the number of somatic cells present in the udder will increase to help the cow fight off the clinical/ internal infection. Mastitis causes damage to the milk producing tissues in the cow’s udder, during the attack the mastitis produces pathogens (which simply are germs that damage its host) mastitis also produces toxins (poisons).

The downfall to the mastitis infection, apart from the fact that the cow is ill and in considerable discomfort is that there will be a fall in milk yield

The milk from an infected cow cannot be deemed as safe to drink, due to the high increase in somatic cells, like humans, cows produce pus when they are fighting infection, increased cells formulate as neutrophils which lead to the inflamed areas causing pus to form in the udder

It is therefore crucial for the health of the animal and safe milk production that Mastitis is treated and avoided from occurring

When the cow’s udders are washed with magnetised water there is a reduction in firming (inflammation) which can prevent milking due to the discomfort and pain on the animal

The magnetised water can prevent these problems

Increase Milk yield

Due to the cows being healthier using magnetised water, there are many improvements for the animal. The lactation period is elongated which increases the milk production by 10%, the milk also has a higher fat content by .15% above the standard 3.2%.

Dairy Farmers are financially rewarded for maintaining low herd SCCs and penalised for high ones, high cell counts can have an adverse effect on the quality of milk produced which can then have implications against the quality/taste and keeping abilities of constituents parts of other dairy products, such as yoghurts and cheese/curd/quark.

Improve Bactoscan Count! and Prevent Cross Infections

The washing of the animals with the magnetised water can also prevent any subclinical cross infections.

Bactoscan Count is the indicator of bacterial infections which can arise from external sources, which can include poor udder and teat preparation prior to milking and insufficient cleaning of the milking equipment/apparatus and insufficient cleaning of the cows living quarters, sheds troughs etc. This is known as subclinical provenance

Using magnetised water reduces bacteria which in turn reduces the amount of medication given to the animal and keeps the animals SCC low, aiding the wellbeing of the animal and lowering veterinary costs.

Improved taste and quality of meat

The animals will have a better digestion and nitrogen retention, and this aids the animal to build its self-up in protein accumulation as opposed to fat accumulation, which then produces better taste qualities of meat.

Commercial and Animal Welfare Benefits

  • Lower Somatic Cell Count
  • Lower Bactoscan Count
  • Lower Disease and cross infection
  • More meat at higher taste quality
  • Higher milk yield with a better fat content
  • Longer storage time of milk containers
  • Healthier livestock equals happier animals
  • Lower veterinary costs
  • Improvements to the breeding cycles, saving time

“I have fitted the Totum Flow magnets to my water supply for over 6 months, it was initially fitted to reduce the hardness of my water. The magnets were easy to fit and there is no added maintenance, and no added costs for years to come, as Totum advised me to “Fit & Forget”.

To my joy, the magnets have worked as Totum explained. I have a reduction of limescale in all my hot boilers and pipes and on my Lely Robotic milkers. I have also noticed that the cows themselves are appearing healthier and shinier.

The Somatic cell count has reduced and has resulted in lowering the incidence of clinical mastitis to 1 cow per month instead of 6 per month, in a herd of 350 milking cows, which in turn has led to me having less wasted milk.

This has successfully given me 1 Litre of milk per cow daily, with no butterfat reduction.

I am now installing a Totum Flow System to my milking line and I am anticipating excellent results here to further reduce my Bactoscan count, I will keep Totum Flow in the loop of my progress, thanking you”

Mr Richard Gibson – Cumbria Dairy Farm UK

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