Softening for productivity
The process of magnestised water allows us to be fully hydrated by saturating our cellular structure easily our body relies on its chemical processing plant to keep a metabolic balance fully hydrated staff work smarter and productively
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Softening for taste
Your water will flow straight from the tap which is pure and fresher tasting Totum Flow Water System allows water to create energy in every cell in the body
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Softening for bills
The Totum Flow Water System will give endless benefits to budgets no more water coolers required no more filter jugs required no more filter cartridges required saves space in the office and store room
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Smart & Simple

A one-time investment provides fifteen years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home with ZERO maintenance cost.

No annual maintenance or cleaning is required for the Totum Flow Water System once it is installed; there are no ongoing costs just simply fit and forget.

Easy To Install

The Totum Flow Water System connects to any water pipe (plastic or metal). Simply install after the stop cock to your primary mains water inlet pipe.

What’s more, the softener requires no electricity or power to drive it. Once installed there are no more concerns or worries for the system’s well being.

No electricity needed

The Totum Flow Water System requires no electricity or power to drive it. Once installed there are no more concerns or worries for the systems well being.

Reduced Heating Bills up to 20% Annually

By virtue of the Totum Flow Water System, the water distributed to your home becomes softer and therefore it works more efficient, allowing your appliances to work smarter.

Increased Productivity

The Totum Flow Water System provides healthy drinking water that hydrates the body fully- especially when working in air conditioned environments hydration is the basis for cellular health and vigour an all round healthier workplace

No salt or chemicals required

The Totum Flow Water System does not require any salt to be used for its function. It also doesn’t require any added chemicals, the Totum Water System works alone!

Clean, Healthy Water On Tap

No longer do you need to splash out on expensive water cooling towers for your office. Simply install one Totum Flow at your building’s mains and all water will be pure and healthy from any tap.

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