Home System

A one-time investment provides fifteen years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home with ZERO maintenance cost

No annual maintenance or cleaning is required, for the Totum Flow Water System once it is installed, there are no ongoing costs just simply fit and forget.

Our System Is Mobile

The Totum Flow Water System can be safely and easily uninstalled from your pipes, to safely transfer to your new home!

One again saving you money and going with the flow!

Simple to install

Once installed the changes are imminent. Totum Flow Water System connects to any water pipe (plastic or metal). Simply install after the stop cock to your primary mains water inlet pipe

No electricity needed – saving money

The Totum Flow Water System requires no electricity or power to drive it. Once installed there are no more concerns or worries for the systems well being

Reduced Heating Bills up to 20% Annually- saving money 

By virtue of the Totum Water Flow System, the water distributed to your home becomes softer and therefore it works more efficient, allowing your appliances to work smarter.

Your boilers and other heating equipment will work cleaner and become more productive enabling less use of energy and power because there will be a significant reduction in deposits and scaling with the use of Totum Flow Water Systems. The knock-on effect will also mean less replacement parts purchased due to corrosion.

The enhanced water will work more efficient for cooking and cleaning, giving you an improved taste for your food and providing you a cleaner home without using too much elbow grease to wipe clean your surfaces.

Removes and prevents limescale

The Totum Flow Water System safely breaks down the molecular structure of the water

The restructured water becomes more bio-friendly, it allows the molecules to flow simply and symmetrical therefore creating more oxygen and flow, the restructuring of the molecules improves the ability of the water to dissolve waste and toxins which are ever present in our environment 

It softens any existing limescale and prevents even more build up

No salt required- saving money and no more heavy bags of salt to carry home

The Totum Flow Water System does not require any salt to be used for its function 

Neither does it require any added chemicals, the Totum Water System works alone! 

Great tasting water “on Tap” say goodbye to bottled water

The Totum Flow Water System removes chlorine and fluoride for better taste and health.

Giving you pure water straight from the tap, which stops the need to ever buy bottled water again.

Our improved water fully hydrates, which once again is a total benefit to not needing to buy expensive bottled waters when we are out and about and especially when we are at the gym!

Once again saving you money and the unnecessary production of plastic, and no more carrying large loads of water home from the shops

Household appliances last longer and perform better – saving you money

The magnetised water helps protect the corrosion of your household pipes

And, on your household appliances that accommodate water.

In effect eliminating any lime scale build ups which can interfere with the performance of irons, kettles, dishwasher, baby steriliser units etc (the list is endless)

Therefore, giving your appliances longer life spans by making them more work efficient which leads to saving money

Spend less time and energy cleaning

With the Totum Flow Water System the need for detergents decrease due to the molecular structure of the water being improved.

Using improved water and less chemicals can make cleaning less of a chore and more efficient and less time consuming

Also, less chemicals are released back into the environment from our homes

Less time cleaning means more time for a better life!

Say good bye to plastic bottles!

Once your Totum Flow Water System is installed the change to your water is imminent

You drink the healthier water straight from the tap, it requires no filtering whatsoever.

No more filters to buy and no more bottled water to buy and carry home!

A happier environment all round using less plastic.

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