Water Softening for wellbeing
Water that doesn’t hydrate, isn’t “good” water as far as Totum Flow are concerned.

The number one reason for illness in all living things world-wide is dehydration
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Water Softening for replenishment
The body must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. Because 2.5 litres of water are lost each day through normal bodily functions, this must be replaced
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Water Softening for better Hydration
Movement of water in the body between cells (extra cellular fluid) is caused by osmosis. This is created by magnetic forces in the body, which keep the movement in balance
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Smart & Simple

A one-time investment provides ten years of healthy drinking water and a more productive healthy home with ZERO maintenance cost.

No annual maintenance or cleaning is required for the Totum Flow Water System once it is installed; there are no ongoing costs just simply fit and forget.

Easy To Install

The Totum Flow Water System connects to any water pipe (plastic or metal). Simply install after the stop cock to your primary mains water inlet pipe.

What’s more, the softener requires no electricity or power to drive it. Once installed there are no more concerns or worries for the system’s well being.


For water to be most effective in our body, it is necessary for it to contain minerals that haven been completely assimilated in order to nourish and protect the cells. It should have a slightly higher alkaline pH, which is necessary to assure that the body fluids do not become and remain acidic, resulting in illness and more rapid ageing


Magnetic water generates electrical and magnetic energy in every cell of the body, providing a natural power boost


The body fights to regain its integrity by calling on the immune system. Sometimes this is too late, especially if the body has been in a contaminated state for too long. This can be the result from the poor quality of the water we put in our body every day


 The body knows when it is drying out. The body can only keep its ability to remain balanced if it is given enough “good” water. Not just clean water, but water that can provide a good environment for the body to function and carry on its purpose of remaining in balance


Total body water percentage decreases with age, resulting in inadequate cellular hydration.

With age, kidney function becomes less efficient in producing urine and responses for conserving sodium weaken fluid fluctuations effect blood volume and intracellular hydration levels. When the amount of fluid within various cellular compartments is relatively constant, there is an exchange of solutes and water between compartments to maintain ideal compositions

Good water is integral in maintaining Intracellular Hydration

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