Totum Flow Water System Benefits to Farming/Livestock

Totum Flow Water Systems deliver valuable benefits in numerous areas of farming and breeding

Decreases Disease and Bactoscan Count

Using the magnetised water system to clean the sheds/barns/stables/pens etc, there is a decrease in animal disease (known as subclinical diseases).

Through the purity of the magnetic water it reduces the germs and bacteria in sheds and animal shelters, thus giving a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for the animals to reside and gives added protection against disease and cross infection.

Sickness can be decreased by using purer water, removing any decontamination and by the animals eating cleaner/purer fodder. The mortality rates are known to drop by 50%.

The animals are also protected against skin diseases because drinking the magnetised water gives them an improved immune system which will work more efficiently, and the animal gains a better stronger metabolism.

Hydrates Animals better

When the animals are hydrated correctly, there are endless improvements to their wellbeing. Glucose is very important for production of energy and the building of muscles, and it is absorbed from water by the intestine then transported to the blood and reach the body cells

The cells (Cori cycle) can then circulate better from the liver and transform into Alanine, which is an amino acid which formulates protein. The magnetised water helps increasing the solubility of glucose and therefore increasing growth rate.

The animals become more energetic due to them being healthier and their organs and digestive system work to its maximum. This increases the efficiency of the metabolism to enable them to live healthier.

The animal’s fertility is improved, and the sperm increase in number. This also creates shorter breeding cycles in the animals, which is a bonus for the animals well being.

Weight gain in Animals

When magnetised water is being used on the agricultural side of the farm, the magnetised water improves the quality of the fodder fed to the animals.

The knock-on effect of this means the animals are less susceptible to disease and illness, due to there being no fodder or water contamination.

Subsequently this leads to the animals eating healthier and being nourished better. Also giving them an increased bone formation and better healthier shape. In turn there is a clear weight gain due to the improved dry food intake and this creates a successful digestion and nitrogen retention in the animals.

The scientific results show that calves weight improved by 35%. The lambs weight improved by 12% and even the rabbits improved by 10%. Piglets are shown to gain weight by 48%

Chicks drinking the water showed an increase in their bone formation process and an improved blood morphology. In addition, premature death rates among chicks decreased by 2 to 3 times the average rate. The egg laying quality is improved by 10%.

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